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  • Tsander Trevelyan

    Tsander blames his brother from his family's fall from grace in Russia. Despite this he would love to bring Vassili back into the fold.

  • Chogar

    Chogar is very concerned for the safety of his people as his old age has left him not as strong as he once was. He has no suitable heir to pass that responsibility on to and is looking for someone to take on that role.

  • John Corbett

    *Lore* * Wendigo * "Lurker in the Trees" * Tabitha *Past* * Rikshasa * "The Delhi Massacre" *Kicker* * Dutch * Sheriff Parsons *Price* * Forest Guide Moon Dancer

  • Vassili Trevelyan

    *Lore* * Family Armor * Mesti *Past* * Tsander Trevelyan * Katarina Chernova * Dutch * Inn: New World, Old Habits *Kicker* * "Isabella" *Price* * Locals

  • Ezola Kilnara

    *Lore* * New World Loa * The Shaman Chogar * Hakkar * The Blackfoot Tribe *Past* * Privateer Decree From England * Bartholomew Roberts * Elias *Kicker* * Lady Charlotte * Lord Denison *Price* * Captain Bradford * Freeman's Church * …

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