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  • Lord Denison

    Former owner of Ezola and father of her son Elias. Came in on Captain Bardford's ship.

  • Lady Charlotte

    Spends her time trying to protect herself and Elias from her husband's wrath. Despite her fears and concerns she does support his ambitions.

  • Elias

    Elias is painfully aware that he is different from either of his "parents" and equally aware that they each view him very differently. Lord Denison views him as a slave, although a very valuable one, while Lady Charlotte views him as a son.

  • Chogar

    Chogar is very concerned for the safety of his people as his old age has left him not as strong as he once was. He has no suitable heir to pass that responsibility on to and is looking for someone to take on that role.

  • Captain Bradford

    Captain Bradford recently made [[:lord-denison | Lord Denison]] and [[:lady-charlotte | Lady Charlotte]]'s acquaintance on the voyage over.

  • Bartholomew Roberts

    Black Bart recently took on [[:tsander-trevelyan | Tsander Trevelyan]] hoping to leverage supernatural powers as he once had with Ezola. However, Tsander has proved less controllable and he fears he is losing control of his ship.

  • Reverend Raymonds

    In addition to shepherding the local protestant colonists, he has spent a great amount of energy trying to convert the natives.

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