Sorcerer & Sword: Colonial Gothic

New World, Old Problems
The First Session
  • Ezola overhears Lord Denison, Sherif Parsons, Reverend Raymonds, Magistrate Cornell and Captain Bradford discussing plans to take the nearby native lands for some kind of construction project.  These plans seem to involve recruiting John Corbett whom Sherif Parsons believes is a madman responsible for a massacre in New Dehli.   Ezola manages to sneak away unobserved.
  • Vassili is awoken by Dutch who informs him that a woman next door has been murdered.  Vassili notices something odd about Dutches but says nothing for now.  He examines the woman's body and is surprised to discover a branded tattoo of his house symbol.  When he points this mark out to Dutch, Dutch remarks that he doesn't see what Vassili is talking about.
  • John awakens from a dream in which he is stalking a beast only to discover the husk of Dutch's shed skin.  Dutch enters to inform John about the murder.  John also observes the strange "double eyes" that Dutch appears to have developed.  Dutch enquires after the tall, "slender" gentleman that he observed in John's room late last night.  John says it was just a messenger and then demands to see the body of the murdered woman.
  • Ezola heads to to the native village to warn Chogar of what she has overheard.  Chogar seems resigned to this fate and entertains the idea of moving away.  He is challenged by Moondancer who wishes to stay and fight if necessary.  Ezola leaves Chogar to his considerations saying that she will honor his wishes.  Outside Moondancer re-affirms that if Ezola is wiling to fight, she will fight with her.
  • Vassili and John determine that "isabella", the murdered woman was stabbed many times with a long blade from both high, low, and mid-range angles.  She has no defensive wounds as if she just stood motionless in the center of the room.  The windows and doors were definitely locked from inside.
  • Downstairs Ezola arrives for work at the tavern.  Shortly after being informed of the murder she notices a man sitting alone, looking nervous.  She recognizes the man as being a member of Roberts' crew and she approaches him.  He pretends not to recognize her and just claims that he is looking for a woman who many have come through the night before.  Upon being informed of her death he immediately tries to leave but is stopped by Ezola.  She presses him for information he he explains that Roberts has teamed up a "Mad Russian."  He implies that Roberts and most the crew are afraid of this man.  His description of the "Mad Russion" is remarkably similar to Vassili
  • Ezola goes upstairs to find Vassili and John discussing the dead woman.  They are interrupted shortly by the arrival of Lord Denison and Sheriff Parsons.  This causes Ezola to flee but not without warning John not to "hurt the Blackfoot."  Lord Denison introduces himself to John and says that he wishes to speak with him.
  • Sheriff Parsons seems quick to blame the murder on the Natives but Vassili manages to point out the flaws in his thinking and Parsons, while unconvinced, agrees to at least explore other avenues.
  • John meets with Lord Denison who reveals his desire for John to "deal with" the Natives after a suitable pretense can be arranged.  John very calmly rejects Lord Denison's offer while subtly threatening him and his co-conspirators.  This unnerves Lord Denison that he leaves quite hastily running into his wife and Elias on the way out and informing them that they will be staying elsewhere.
  • Ezola witnesses Lord Denison leaving with his wife and Elias and returns to the inn to thank John for rejecting Denison's plan.  She also reveals to John that Elias is her son.
  • John heads out into the woods having sketched out a map of the area from his dream.  There he performs a ritual to summon the spirit of the woods, a being of twigs and leaves.  He agrees to reclaim some of the developed colony for the wilderness in exchange for the spirit watching over the native village and sending a warning to him should anything threaten it.
  • Ezola goes down to the river and summons a animal spirit, a crow, to keep her hidden from her enemies.  During this ritual her demon Hakkar tells her that the time for running is over and that they should kill Lord Denison.  She agrees that time has come and both Hakkar and the crow spirit look forward to consuming his blood and flesh.
  • Vassili heads down the docks to follow up on the "mad Russian" Ezola mentioned and is confronted by four men.  They reveal that they have been sent by Vassili's brother Tsander and that he wishes to speak to Vassili.  Vassili agrees to accompany on the men who take him to a small boat and take him out toward one of the islands.  On the trip Vassili notices the storm forming over another island and feels there is something unnatural about it.  He also regales his escorts with stories of his "little" brother and by the time they arrive at Roberts' ship he as won their admiration.
  • John begins inquiring around town about unusual occurrences.  He finds some children who tell him they saw a monster the night before peering into the church windows.  John goes to the  church and asks Reverend Raymond if there were any services last night.  The Reverend reveals that he was in the church alone the night before praying for the souls of the natives as he feels that their souls are lost to Satan.
  • Ezola returns to the native village and asks Chogar for permission to stay with them.  He grants that permission.  Ezola confides in Moondancer that the time to fight may be coming soon and then heads to a sweat lodge to contemplate her situation.
  • Aboard Roberts' ship Tsander greets Vassili with open arms.  Vassili notes that several of the crew members are marked in a similar manner to "Isabella"'s body and that they all seem very afraid of Tsander.  Tsander tells Vassili that he has a "gift" for him and reveals that he has brought Katarina along with him.  Vassili notes that she too is marked.  Tsander tells Vassili that there is much to discuss and that they should retire to the Captain's quarters for a drink.  Vassili agrees and Tsander brings Katarina along.
  • As John walks away from the Reverend he glimpses the storm gathering over the nearby island.  He realizes that the last time he saw weather like that was in the presence of the Rikshasa.

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